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SEO Guide: What are Featured Snippets? How to Get Them

Getting featured snippets on Google can be a great way to increase your website’s visibility and get more organic traffic. To get featured snippets, you’ll need to do some research to find keywords with low keyword difficulty and high audience relevance.

Once you’ve identified the keywords, you’ll need to summarize the answer to the query in one paragraph and add a “What is” heading. This can help Google recognize your content as a featured snippet and will increase your chances of appearing at the top of search results.

It’s important to note that featured snippets come from web search listings, so make sure your content is optimized for SEO so it can be found by Google’s automated systems. With some research and optimization, you can get featured snippets on Google and boost your organic traffic.

In this post, we will tell you everything you need to know about the search console, including what it is and its benefits. We will also tell you how to get featured snippets in 4 simple steps.

What is a Google SERP Featured Snippet?

A featured snippet is a two- to a three-sent piece of text that appears at the top of Google’s search results. It provides viewers with an answer to their query in the search engine results. It is located at the top of a google search result page (SERP). The snippet is selected content from a website, typically containing a short paragraph of text and an image.

Common types of featured snippets include definitions, tables, steps, and lists.

  • A featured snippet for ‘What is SEO?’ should be a short answer that answers the question “what is search engine optimization?”
  • A featured snippet for ‘Why should I care about SEO?’ should explain why investing in search engine optimization can lead to higher rankings in search results and on websites
  • A featured snippet for ‘Top ranking tips’ should explain the most important aspects of ranking high on search engines

Finally, a featured snippet for ‘How to start an SEO campaign’ should outline the steps involved in creating and implementing an SEO campaign.

As you can see, featured snippets are crucial to optimizing your content for search engines. They help provide searchers with concise answers to their queries and help boost the visibility of your content on the internet.

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Why Are Featured Snippets Important for SEO?

Featured Snippets are a powerful ranking signal on search engines like Google. Featured snippets provide an opportunity to get more clicks from organic search results without higher rankings. When a page is featured on Google, it occupies almost all the space above the fold in some cases, which leads to a significant increase in traffic and conversions.

A featured snippet can result in an 8% increase in all clicks on the page compared to non-featured content. This is because featured snippets provide easy-to-understand information that people are often looking for when searching for specific queries. Essentially, ranking in featured snippets offers SEO optimization opportunities that other pages may not have.

It also boosts the organic click-through rate significantly. By ranking in featured snippets, the organic click-through rate can be drastically increased, leading to an overall increase in traffic and conversions for businesses online

What Are The Different Types of Featured Snippets

A featured snippet is a snippet of text that appears at the top of search results on Google. This can include definitions, steps, lists, and tables. They have selected search results that are featured on top of organic results on the page below the ads in a box.

Common types of featured snippets include paragraph-long content and short snippets. They are designed to provide users with relevant information quickly and easily.

Google displays featured snippets at the top of organic results or in the ‘People Also Ask’ feature. These snippets come in a few formats, such as paragraphs, lists, and tables.

They help answer queries quickly and effectively, which is why they appear on top of search results on Google.

How to earn featured snippets in 4 steps

Identify the types of content that are most relevant to your industry and target those areas.

Develop keyword-rich content that is easy to find and browse. This includes creating content with relevant keywords and using keyword tags when possible.

Publish new and original content on a regular basis to keep your site in the search engine spotlight. This could include creating content with unique angles or topics, creating video content, or updating existing content with fresh insights.

Monitor your website’s search engine ranking monthly to make sure you are earning featured snippets. This means paying attention to how search engines view the content on your website, including the use of keyword tags and other optimization techniques.

Google Featured Snippets
Google Featured Snippets

1. Research keywords with low keyword difficulty and high audience relevance

Featured snippets are selections of content that appear at the top of Google’s search results that provide an answer to the searcher’s query. This content s typically written in a concise, engaging, and professional manner and may include images or video

As keyword research requires conducting a thorough analysis of keyword difficulty and relevance, featured snippets are often based on content from authoritative websites with high PageRank. In addition to authoritative websites, it is also important to consider other factors such as backlinks pointing to the page as well as content quality and trustworthiness.

When searching for featured snippets on a particular keyword, it is important to research keywords with low keyword difficulty and high audience relevance. This will ensure that search engines can find relevant content to answer queries quickly and efficiently.

2. Structure your content for the searcher’s needs

To ensure that your content is featured in search results, it must be written in a way that makes it easy for Google to extract a short summary from it. By including step-by-step instructions, definitions, tables, and lists, you can provide helpful information to the searcher.

For example, if the search query is “how to cook fish,” you could include step-by-step instructions on how to prepare the fish at home. You could also include definitions of key ingredients of the fish or tables listing different types of fish. This content would help the searcher find the best recipe for preparing the fish at home.

3. Aim for consistency across your content to build authority

To earn featured snippets on search engines such as Google, it’s important to ensure the same content is featured consistently across your website. This means a topic or answer should be featured in all of your relevant content. Additionally, search engines will look for keywords that are consistently used in featured snippets to help ensure they appear on page 1 of search results.

While featured snippets can be helpful, it’s also important to use keywords responsibly and keyword optimization techniques to ensure the snippet appears on top search results. Besides keyword research and consistent use of relevant keywords, you must also include images and graphics relevant to the content of your featured snippets.

This will help searchers easily identify your content and enhance the overall user experience. In summary, consistent content creation with relevant keywords is essential for earning featured snippets on search engines like Google.

4. Remember your end actions and goals

To earn featured snippets on search engines, it is important for content creators to take into consideration the desired end action/goal users are supposed to take after clicking the relevant keyword in SERP.

This may include information on how to download a specific file, click a specific page on a website, or buy a product. In order to create content that meets this goal, search engines suggest that content creators research keywords that are tailored towards achieving the desired end action/goal. This can be done by conducting keyword research and analyzing trending topics and search queries related to the topic at hand.

Other key factors search engines look at when considering featured snippet eligibility include the quality of website content and relevant social media accounts associated with the page. In addition, featured snippet-worthy content should be structured in a way that stands out to search engine crawlers.

For example, it should be visually appealing and formatted in a way that is easy to read. Other ways of standing out may include using infographics and cheat sheets for creating content fit for featured snippets.

Why are featured snippets not showing?

If your featured snippets are not showing in the search results, it could be due to the length of your snippets or because the snippets you are providing may not be technically accurate. Google does not provide an exact minimum length required for featured snippets, as it can vary depending on the query.

To ensure your featured snippets are meeting quality standards, it’s important to check that the code used is correct and that all extensions are turned off. Additionally, since February 18, 2021, Google has been showing fewer featured snippet results in the search results page.

If you’re looking to get featured snippets on Google, there are a few things you can do to help increase your chances. First, try to answer questions quickly and keep your keyword usage within 50-60 characters of the question. Additionally, answering questions in the “people also asked” section of Google can be beneficial. Finally, using an “is” statement and defining the topic can help make your snippet more accurate and topical.

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SEO Guide: What are Featured Snippets? How to Get Them

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Exactly Are Featured Snippets?

Featured snippets are short pieces of text that Google extracts from web pages and uses to directly answer queries in its search results. They come in different formats, such as paragraphs, lists, and tables, and can also be used in voice search queries. featured snippets have an average of 35% click-through rate.

How do I get featured snippets on Google?

To receive featured snippets on Google, you first need to be ranking well in organic search results. This means your content needs to be ranked on page one or higher for relevant queries. When a search engine user clicks on one of the organic results and goes to the page, Google may choose to feature a snippet of your content on the top-relevancy results page.

Featured snippets are automatically pulled from web pages that are featured in Google’s index. Common types of featured snippets include definitions, tables, steps, and lists.
Depending on the search query, Google can automatically pull out any piece of content from the top-ranking pages and display it as a featured snippet in one of these forms.

How do you optimize content for featured snippets?

Google does not directly tell you to use your content for featured snippets. However, you can use a number of factors to try and pick the best snippet.
Some of the factors that you may consider include:
– Understanding the types of featured snippets that are available and how to optimize content for each type.
– Writing clear and concise content that is formatted correctly.
– Optimizing page titles, writing keyword-rich meta descriptions, and using relevant keywords in the content itself.
– Make sure that the content on your page meets all of the requirements of a featured snippet (e.g., content is well-written and relevant).
Featured snippets are now considered one of the best organic positions on your website. So, being aware of how to optimize content for featured snippets is an important part of any SEO strategy.


Google has featured snippets because they help search engines rank websites higher on search result pages. By showing search results first to searchers, Google is helping page owners make more money and gain traffic. Featured snippets help page owners make it easier for searchers to find their content. So, you can leverage them to your advantage.

The first step would be to research keywords with low keyword difficulty and high audience relevance by analyzing the competition and looking at search volume, organic search results, and user behavior on the keyword. Next, structure your content for the searcher’s needs by creating an outline of your content that helps search engines understand your content better.

Aim for consistency across your content by creating content that is keyword-optimized and structured well enough to get a ranking consistently on search engines. And lastly, remember your end actions and goals by setting a goal of ranking first on the search engine results page for relevant queries.

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